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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safety Shot? 

Safety Shot is a revolutionary beverage designed to accelerate the detoxification process of alcohol in the body. It's the world's first patented solution that reduces blood alcohol content quickly, providing a faster recovery experience.

How does Safety Shot work? 

Our patented formula enhances key metabolic pathways, targeting the central nervous system, protecting the gut, enhancing liver function, maintaining hydration, and promoting an overall sense of well-being. It acts within minutes, offering a unique approach to a faster recovery.

How does Safety Shot compare to other products in the market?

 Unlike traditional remedies that may take hours, Safety Shot detoxifies in minutes, setting it apart from competitors. With a focus on comprehensive recovery, Safety Shot targets various mechanisms impaired by alcohol, providing a holistic solution.

Can Safety Shot completely reduce the effects of alcohol consumption? 

Safety Shot is designed to significantly reduce the effects of alcohol consumption by accelerating detoxification. While individual experiences may vary, many users report feeling better faster and enjoying moments without the typical post-alcohol symptoms.

When is the best time to consume Safety Shot?

Safety Shot can be enjoyed before, during, or after alcohol consumption, depending on the effects you are trying to achieve. It is designed to reduce the effects of alcohol, so the timing of consumption should be based on your desired outcome. If you drink it before, you will not absorb as much alcohol, resulting in a milder buzz. If you drink it during, you will begin to reverse the effects of the alcohol you have consumed and halt the process of any additional alcohol intake. If you drink it after, you can still enjoy a good buzz but reduce the effects that alcohol may have on your system later that evening or the following day.

For best results, shake well and consume with food.

Is Safety Shot suitable for everyone? 

Safety Shot is intended for adults of legal drinking age. If you have specific health concerns or are taking medications, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before use.

Why does Safety Shot have caffeine?

After years of research and development, it has been determined that caffeine is an essential component of the nootropic matrix within Safety Shot. While we are continually exploring options to reduce caffeine, currently, Safety Shot is most effective at the 200mg dose we have chosen. For those who are sensitive to caffeine but able to consume it, we suggest drinking half of the can and assessing tolerance.

Can Safety Shot be used with other beverages or mixed drinks? 

Absolutely! Safety Shot can be consumed on its own or mixed with other beverages. Enjoy it as part of your regular routine to enhance your overall well-being.

For best results, shake well and consume with food.

Can Safety Shot upset my stomach?

While Safety Shot does reduce blood alcohol, we do not suggest excessive drinking. Extreme alcohol consumption may reduce the effectiveness of Safety Shot and may result in several undesirable effects. Additionally, like most supplements containing vitamins and herbal ingredients, consuming Safety Shot on an empty stomach may cause discomfort. We always suggest consuming Safety Shot with or around meals or snacks.

For best results, shake well and consume with food.

Is Safety Shot only for post-alcohol consumption recovery?

While aiding post-alcohol recovery is a key benefit, Safety Shot goes beyond by offering a complete experience. Its unique mechanisms of action supports mental clarity, hydration, and overall well-being.

Where can I purchase Safety Shot? 

Safety Shot will be available for purchase on our official website and select retail locations. Stay tuned for the launch to experience the revolution in recovery!

What is Safety Shot and what makes it unique? 

Safety Shot is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated drink designed to aid in the reduction of blood alcohol content and the after-effects often associated with the consumption of alcohol.

What are the key ingredients in Safety Shot?

Safety Shot is composed of several ingredients that each have specific and unique functions when consumed. Efficacy and effectiveness are paramount in the performance of Safety Shot. Researchers, formulators, and scientists have been involved in the development of Safety Shot for several years. Each ingredient has been meticulously selected based on scientific research and numerous trials for validation of its efficacy as part of the entire formula.

Is Safety Shot vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free? 

The ingredients used in Safety Shot are gluten free and meet the requirements for vegans. Safety Shot is not certified by a third party and those with specific diseases or restrictions should seek the advice of a qualified expert before consuming. 

How should I store Safety Shot?

It is advised to keep Safety Shot in your refrigerator as it is best consumed cold. While the ingredients are stable at room temperature it is not advised to store in places of excessive heat and moisture.

What is the shelf life of Safety Shot? 

The ingredients within Safety Shot will remain fresh and efficacious for 2 years. However, for the most refreshing taste, it advised to consume within 1 year of its production date.

Are there any health benefits associated with Safety Shot? 

Many ingredients within Safety Shot have been shown in various research studies to have potential health benefits. As with any nutritional supplement both the benefits derived and their reported affects may be specific to the individual consuming the drink. Future research studies will examine the effects of Safety Shot on various parameters. All of the ingredients within Safety Shot are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) as deemed by the various reporting and monitoring agencies.

Do you ship internationally?

No. Not at this time. 

My Safety Shot Can Is Slightly Soft, Is It Still Safe To Consume?

Non-carbonated beverages are pressurized when being canned to maintain their solid form, but unlike carbonated drinks, can lose its pressure during the process. The ingredients are still safe and effective and since Safety Shot is non-carbonated and intended to be shaken before consumption, this is completely normal to have slightly “soft” cans.

Why Do I Need To Shake Before Consuming?

Safety Shot has many ingredients that are involved in the various processes enabling its powerful overall function. To that end, some ingredients may separate over time and thus giving it a quick shake will ensure uniformity in every sip.

Why Isn’t Safety Shot Carbonated? 

Due to specific ingredients not tolerating the carbonation process, it was determined that a non-carbonated drink would be more efficacious, faster acting and provide the user with a more comprehensive solution to helping reduce alcohol and its effects.  

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