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Meet SafetyShot

Safety Shot Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOT) was formerly known as Jupiter Wellness Inc., which in August of 2023, acquired the operating assets of GBB Drink Lab Inc., including the blood alcohol detox drink Safety Shot. NASDAQ: SHOT now expects most of its revenue in the coming quarters and years to be driven by Safety Shot. Through its Jupiter Wellness business segment which develops over-the-counter and prescription-grade health and wellness products, Safety Shot has a well-established clinical development infrastructure and expertise. The Company plans to spin off legacy assets from its Jupiter Wellness business to unlock value for shareholders.

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Safety Shot is no ordinary drink; it's the revolution in recovery that will redefine your nightlife experience and transform your mornings. Our patented formula accelerates the detoxification process leaving you feeling better faster.

Compared to traditional remedies that leave you waiting for hours,

Safety Shot works within minutes.